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Invest in paid media marketing to increase lead generation

What is Paid media?

Paid media marketing is a powerful tool in the digital marketing solutions mix that can boost your online marketing efforts. But isn’t it better to attract leads solely through organic tactics like search rankings, social media posts and compelling content? Not at all.

Paid media, or paid advertising, is an effective way to reach audiences looking for businesses like yours using as much—or as little—budget as you can afford. It gets your brand in front of the right eyes a lot faster and in a more targeted way than other forms of online advertising. It helps generate leads, increase revenue growth and improve brand awareness—especially when used alongside other forms of online marketing.

Our paid media advertising solutions include:

  • PPC advertising

‘Pay-per-click’ ads give your brand visibility on the pages your potential customers are already visiting. You only pay if a visitor clicks on your ad, and you can allocate as much or as little budget towards it as you like. Leave the nitty gritty of creating and optimising your PPC campaigns to us.

  • Branded content

Meeting your audiences where they are is integral to digital marketing. So why not meet them on their favourite sites with engaging branded content? We’ll help you create incredible content that’ll drive traffic to your site and boost brand awareness.

  • Display ads and remarketing

Sometimes going back to basics is what you need to get your brand noticed, like using display ads. Display ads, when used in the context of remarketing, reinforce your brand by showing ads on other sites to visitors who have already visited your site. Choosing the right financial services is by no means an impulse decision. A customer (be they a business or individual) may spend several weeks or months deciding between different financial services providers. You significantly increase your chances of converting these leads during this extended period through sound lead management.

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