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What is Paid Media?

Paid Media is one of the many available methods of telling the world about your organisation, products or services.

'Media' in general terms refers to a variety of content about your organisation, brand, product or service that always sits within one of three main types of media category, namely:

  • Earned Media - your content organically and natively earns the right for others to talk about it or curate it into their channels (no cost - unpaid - free)
  • Owned Media - this is media or content you are in full control of, you own it, for example: your website, blogs, social media. 
  • Paid Media - media you choose to amplify, expose and promote in channels you don't own and therefor need to offer payment in order to promote it within those channels and on your behalf.

To exist, the paid media ecosystem relies on three parts:

  1. The content or media itself (to be promoted)
  2. A media spend or budget with which to expose, amplify and promote the content
  3. Channels (usually external to your organisation) through which the content will be promoted for a fee for example: social media platforms (ie.Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook), websites (ie.native ads on news, fashion pages or blogs), Out of Home Media screens or boards, etc

Why Paid Media Does Not Always Work?

  • In a silo and isolated, not part of a holistic digital growth strategy paid media is usually costly and a failure.
  • However, when executed within an inbound marketing campaign that is well aligned to a greater, holistic inbound marketing or growth strategy, it generates leads, increases revenue and improves brand awareness.
  • This is because a holistic digital growth strategy is designed and tailored to appeal uniquely and specifically to an ideal Buyer Persona(s) in the most relevant moment in their Buyers Journey and at precisely the right time and place.
  • This is super important because paid media usually operates and exists in channels outside of your control. Hence the elements within control (as mentioned above) should be purpose-built and the desired outcome completely in mind and based on a highly targeted (versus 'shotgun'-style) approach with specific (growth) goals in place, to quantify their achievements.

Our paid media advertising solutions include:

PPC advertising

‘Pay-per-click’ ads give your brand visibility on the pages your potential customers are already visiting. You only pay if a visitor clicks on your ad, and you can allocate as much or as little budget towards it as you like. Leave the nitty gritty of creating and optimising your PPC campaigns to us.


Branded content

Meeting your audiences where they are is integral to digital marketing. So why not meet them on their favourite sites with engaging branded content? We’ll help you create incredible content that’ll drive traffic to your site and boost brand awareness.



Display ads and remarketing

Display ads reinforce brand awareness or product feature-based ad campaigns. They are visual and appear in banner placements across devices and browsers. Used in the context of remarketing and based on an holistic marketing strategy, they reinforce a brand by 'following' relevant visitors (of your website pages) on other digital assets they visit.  This is highly effective especially for customers looking at products or services with long buying cycles and increase lead conversion rates, during this extended period, through sound lead management.


Influencer Marketing

In the right verticals and for the right Products, Services or Brands, Influencers play an exceptionally important role, breaking through the paid media noise and clutter, to produce cost-effective and highly targeted results. However, the right influencer marketing strategy and tools are critical to success.



Paid media should be used to get your brand in front of the right eyes a lot faster and in a more targeted way than other forms of online advertising, when carried our properly, to a well crafted strategy and execution plan.

How To Ensure Paid Ads Success

Timing and strategy are critical. Quick fixes are possible but a long-term plan is better to help you convert the paid media liability into a customer generating asset.
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