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Officially Accredited
HubSpot Onboarding 

Successful businesses around the world use HubSpot as their CRM platform of choice. It offers an all-in-one Marketing, Sales and Service solution, powerful automation, data-driven insights, and integration with other key tools. Plus, it’s highly customisable.

Hubspot onboard accredited

Why use an experienced Premium Certified Solutions Partner?

Lupo Digital is an accredited HubSpot Onboarding Solutions Partner.

That means HubSpot have accredited and validated us as having the required skills, advanced knowledge and strategic experience to successfully onboard mid to large-sized businesses onto HubSpot.

Lupo Digital Accredited HubSpot Onboarding Partner
Hubspot selected Lupo Digital Accredited HubSpot Onboarding Partner

Only a small percentage of HubSpot’s approximate 6,900 solutions partners are officially accredited for onboarding services, so you can be confident Lupo will provide you and your staff with a world-class, professional, and seamless digital onboarding experience.

Rely on our proven and practical process to set up and configure your HubSpot platform seamlessly, including integrations, website, and Certified HubSpot training.

  • We do everything for you
  • We take the time and care to understand your needs
  • We get you to Day Zero quickly > the day HubSpot starts working for you
  • Our custom project management software tracks your onboarding progress and status, at your fingertips, live and in realtime
  • We stay in constant communication
  • We get your campaigns under way and running quickly
Lupo Onboarding - Diamond Solutions Partner integration

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Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller

Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf

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What you get with Lupo’s
Accredited HubSpot Onboarding Solution

Lupo Onboarding solution
  1. Done-for-you HubSpot Accredited Onboarding

    We do everything for you. We plan, we setup, we configure, we include you at precisely the right time, we drive the agenda, we meet deadlines, we hold everyone  accountable, we deliver a seamless onboarding experience.

  2. A maniacal focus to get you to Day Zero, quickest!

    Lupo define Day Zero as the day your team can actually do things on your HubSpot portal, in the real world. This means post-setup and configuration. This gap leading to Day Zero is the biggest frustration for new HubSpot license holders. Setup and configuration takes time. Lupo's process gets you to Day Zero, as quick as practically possible.

  3. Technical and strategic guidance

    We realise you don't know what you don't know. We simplify, support and guide you through the process precisely the right way and aligned to your business goals.

  4. Quick-wins and Campaign launch

    Once setup is complete, together we launch your first campaign(s). This will get you up and running and give you the boost you need to meet your business growth goals and objectives.

  5. The right HubSpot, Digital & CRM strategy

    Based on the HubSpot licenses you’ve purchased, Lupo will help you optimise your entire digital strategy, so you get maximum value from your HubSpot investment.

  6. Seamless Data Migration and Tech Integration

    Lupo onboarding will fold in your customer Data and  your tech-stack integration requirements and provide connectivity with your website.

  7. On Time and on Target
    Our tried and tested process gets you up and running quickly and smoothly so you can start to grow your traffic, convert leads, and achieve your desired marketing goals, while also simplifying and scaling your process and team, on HubSpot.


The HubSpot Onboarding timeline varies based on many factors but the most important that typically lead to delays are:

Lack of Preparation - not being prepared with your onboarding inputs and taking time to organise them. Lupo pride ourselves in our tried and tested process to reduce wasted time. 

Your HubSpot Hubs and connected platforms, tech stack and apps?

Your onboarding timeline is directly impacted by the HubSpot licenses you contract with HubSpot. Our experience helps ensure your tailored onboarding completion is achieved in the shortest timeline.

An example of typical timeline for an average Onboarding for a business licensed on HubSpot Marketing Pro, Sales starter or Sales Pro, Service Hub powering blog, email marketing and website forms  would be achieved in up to 90 days or less.

Happy clients Lupo onboarded

Scarlet Robertson

Scarlet Robertson

Always ready, willing & able!
The team at Lupo are an extension of our immediate staff. They are always just an email or call away and ready to jump onto whatever challenge we have for them to tackle. Michael has been instrumental in helping us strategize our HubSpot game plan, and delivered exactly what was promised throughout the execution. Maai is a wizard when it comes to all things HubSpot and custom API integrations. The team at Lupo doesn't just DO, but they are willing to teach and empower our team to understand processes for the future. Couldn't recommend these guys more when it comes to all things digital marketing!

Adam Brady

Customer-focused Digital Marketing
As the National Sales Manager, I have been intimately involved in the implementation of the HubSpot platform as our new CRM system. Without the assistance of Lupo Digital, the process would never have evolved to the stage where we now take advantage of the many benefits that HubSpot offers. Our people had a range of experience with traditional sales funnel systems and contact management, from novice to long-term user. Lupo Digital has provided outstanding support to all of us, with ongoing training and advice throughout. I would strongly recommend Lupo Digital to anyone contemplating a move to a more effective sales team using the HubSpot platform.
Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill

CRM support
The term 'CRM' sends shivers down most salespeople's spine, especially an old dog like me. When management introduced HubSpot to our organisation it was a new way of sales thinking. Quiet frankly, I would have drowned in the complexity of HubSpot, but, not so! With the help, continual guidance and support from Glenn Miller at Lupo Digital, the transformation from old school to new has been smooth. I love it and see its value in todays web-based world of sales. Cheers Glenn, you are part of the CWC team.