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HubSpot CRM and Sales Hub Sample Training Outline & Timeline Program

Discovery Call

A certified Lupo Digital Hubspot Trainer jumps on a call with you to understand your training needs, requirements and if you've done a Hubspot Sales Training Course before. 

HubSpot Portal Review

Your trainer reviews your HubSpot portal to align your pain points to the practical requirements surrounding your challenges and the areas you need help up-skilling in, quickly.

Customise & Define Your Training

On a final call, your trainer presents your specific training outline and program, together you fine tune any remaining customisations and you finalise your timeline, the training start date and subsequent sessions and required format (one on one and or blended with your team mates).

Training Sessions Begin

  • Regular sessions to suit your timeline
  • Each sessions will focus on practical and interactive application and implementation exercises
  • Additional applicable (HubSpot) certificates, reading and preparation may be included, if you require.

Sample Training Session 1

  • Training Session - Inbound Sales Fundamentals
  • Interactive demonstration and application in your portal
  • Practical exercises to problem solve in real-time
  • Practical lesson 'homework' in preparation of next lesson

Sample Training Session 2

  • Review progress from previous session updates
  • Training Session - Sales & CRM
  • Practical implementation and interactive demonstration in your portal
  • Practical lesson 'homework' in preparation of next lesson
  • CRM setup and best practices
  • CRM Team adoption & techniques
  • Sales operating system, process & sales playbook development
  • Inbound sales & team optimisation
  • Deals and pipeline stage identification, design & structure

Training Session 3

  • Training Session - set goals, review KPI's, understand metrics, define reporting and dashboards needs
  • Design a reporting framework
  • Practical explanation, demonstration and application exercises pre-implementation of reporting requirements
  • Implementation of reporting requirements, user setting updates for weekly reporting and notifications
  • Dashboard design and setup
  • ROI and campaign review and reconciliation and stakeholder guidance

Training Sessions 4 Onwards

  • Regular sessions continue around students needs
  • Training Sessions - Customised and Personalised to suit specific requirements
  • Practical demonstration and implementation, together with trainer and teacher each session
  • Any applicable HubSpot Certificates, reading and preparation continues


If requested, as training draws to a close, you define a final date to complete your HubSpot Exams and the completion of any remaining HubSpot portal practical elements and exercises are undertaken.

Training Achievement Awards

In the true inbound spirit, we invite you to celebrate and share your new skills and achievements with your colleagues, teams or managers and the world you impact that surrounds you.

You officially join the Lupo Training Academy  Alumni and are welcomed into our community and the inbound world as a professional 'Inbounder'...congratulations!

How We Deliver Training?

One on One

Via remote and online session on your preferred video streaming service, tailored to every learners unique learning style.

Groups or Teams

This is a personal experience well suited to groups and teams and leveraging online presentation tools.

Blended across Teams

One-on-one sessions catering to individual needs and then blended with group trainings, at strategic times, to maximise team efficiency.

How Much Does Training Cost?


$ 2900

Includes 10 sales training units to use as you wish

  • Customised and personalised training aligned to your practical on-the-job needs
  • Practical learnings to help you on-your-job
  • Advanced or beginner
  • Grow your HubSpot CRM platform experience from lesson to lesson
  • Free HubSpot Platform Audit

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Another Happy Customer!

Adam explains how Lupo Set-Up their Marketing Growth Strategy, Sales Enablement company wide and trained their Sales teams. Read More! 


HubSpot CRM & Sales Certified Trainers

Meet A Trainer

Glenn Miller

Lupo Co-founder, HubSpot Agency Partner and Certified Trainer and Professor.


Why HubSpot Certified Matters?

Not all education is equal and most comes without practical experience. Becoming an official HubSpot Certified Trainer and Professor is a big deal and a rigorous process.

Not only must Trainers pass a series of the HubSpot Academy certifications but they must also complete and pass a variety of practicums, as well and meeting HubSpot's stringent eligibility criteria. Trainers must also be employment in a tiered HubSpot Agency Partner and must pass the HubSpot Academy and HubSpot Trainer Certifications.

The HubSpot Certified Trainer accreditation enables the holder to teach inbound and HubSpots platform usage, with official support and endorsement from HubSpot, so that you can rest assured of the high level of expertise, training and the quality standard of trainer.

There is only a tiny fraternity of 119 global official HubSpot Certified Trainers Worldwide (from 2019).

To become a HubSpot Professor, a HubSpot Certified Trainer must be aligned to an officially recognised educational institution where the trainer provides higher education on the HubSpot Education Program.

A trainer with on-the-job experience and practical teaching in business environments and applications, provides a quicker, practical (vs theoretical) results-based training result.


How It Works?

Because no two people nor HubSpot portals are identical.



Discovery Call

Free session to understand your training needs

Free portal review

Align the call with your needs and what's going on in your HubSpot Portal

Customised Training Roadmap

Matched to one of our Certified trainers, we create a customised and personalised training plan to suite your specific needs, on your timeline, in real-time and as required.

Training Sessions Begin

You begin your course taking your skill and control over HubSpot to a whole new level

The Approach and Framework

A customised professional training program including:

  • Bespoke training sessions on your timeline
  • Practical implementation exercises
  • Designed for-purpose to up skill participants, quickly
  • HubSpot certifications (if desired)
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Wisenet Information Systems
David Simmons
Wisenet Information Systems

While we are mid-stream in our project with Lupo, it is evident that Mike, Glenn and the team have excellent Hubspot product knowledge as well as the marketing 'science' to manage all the moving parts by addressing things holistically and going down to grass-roots detail. Their experience and insights are highly valuable and have highlighted things we would not have thought of ourselves.

Bay Corporate Travel
Robert Semsarian
Bay Corporate Travel

We've been long-term engaged with Lupo Digital and highly recommend their expertise and services. Mike and Glenn are genuine operators who truly deliver on expectations all the while demystifying the fluf!

Q Report Jewellery Insurance
Liran Lahav
Q Report Jewellery Insurance

With an extreme passion and dedication to helping you grow your business, Glenn, Mike and the team at Lupo are unquestionably committed to their clients. They are fair, transparent and trustworthy. Extremely prompt and available, nothing was ever too much to ask from the team. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Ian Mirels

The Lupo Digital team are totally committed to their clients, have a "can do" attitude and we really enjoyed working with them. Thanks Mike and Glen for working closely with us, all your support and advice.

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Sydney Training Facility

This interactive, group-based and classroom-style training will take place in our St Leonards Sydney Facility




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