Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A system for managing relationships with your customers

What is CRM?

For most businesses, Customers are their most valuable and important asset.

Historically, customer information and interactions with the business were stored across a variety of sources for example: the CEO’s brain, a sales rep's inbox, the accountant’s stack of invoices.

Business growth today relies on smart systems and processes to centralise all information (one single source of truth) across the entire organisation, accessible by everyone, in real-time and on-demand.

Teams need quick answers to important questions:
Who are our customers? How do we get in touch with them? How do they interact with our content? What does our pipeline of new business look like?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system for managing relationships with your customers.


One Frictionless Customer Experience & Journey


With a CRM System

Your prospects and customers have one relationship with your company, not a collection of different people and departments. 

So, the Customers story (context) is essential to when and how your team handle customers and precisely where they are, on their buyer journey.

Everyone on your team need the context; of every customer’s needs, wants, and current state, so they can pick up the conversation where the customer left off, last.

CRM solutions eliminate the friction and the avoid pain of anyone by ensuring that everyone is on the same page, the customers' page, any place, any time, in any conversation.


CRM - the Benefits

CRM systems are designed to solve for every customer relationship:

  • Log every activity automatically
  • 360 degree view of your sales pipeline(s)
  • Increased sales team productivity
  • Easy, simple and quick sales pipeline management & priority
  • Contacts, companies, deals., pipelines and deal stage management
  • Integrate and synchronise with Gmail, Outlook
  • Email tracking, logging, templates and sequences
  • Sales content repository
  • Task management & automate task notifications
  • Automate data capture
  • Integration with marketing automations

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" CRM facilitates closed-loop marketing. With CRM, you don't have to wonder, worry or guess if leads are slipping through the cracks "