Buyer Journey

What is the Buyer Journey?


The Buyer's journey starts from the moment a prospective customer realises they have a problem and resolves when they find the ultimate solution that will get their job done.
The gap in the middle is a continuum through which buyers move, step-by-step, until a sale is made. 
This Process is known as 'The Buyer Journey'

The Buyer Journey Process

Customers, as represented by their Buyer Persona's, go through a series of steps unique to their customer experience and in order to make their final purchase decision, for example:
understand-customers-problems-job-to-get-done Working out the problem or what job they are trying to get done
available-products-and-services-to-solve-problem Discovering available products or services to solve their problem
comparing-consdering-available-options Comparing, narrowing down and considering the available options
final-purchase-decision-referring-recommending Making a final purchase decision and referring and recommending

 Connecting Buyer Personas & Buyer Journey to Sales & Marketing

In order for sales and marketing to ensure the best customer experience possible, it is essential to formally and comprehensively develop Buyer Persona(s) and respective Buyer Journey(s) to each Buyer Persona.

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