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How It Works?

Because no two people nor HubSpot portals are identical.



Discovery Call

Free session to understand your training needs

Free portal review

Align the call with your needs and what's going on in your HubSpot Portal

Customised Training Proposal

Matched to one of our classes or we create a bespoke class to suite your specific needs

Training Sessions Begin

You begin your course taking your skill and control over HubSpot to a whole new level

The Approach and Framework

A four to eight-week customised training program including:

  • Weekly prep and exercises
  • Weekly training session
  • Homework
  • Practical implementation exercises
  • HubSpot certifications

Training to Choose From

HubSpot Marketing Hub Training

Hubspot inbound marketing tools and best practice.

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HubSpot CRM & Sales Hub Training

HubSpot CRM and inbound sales, selling tools and best practice.

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Customised HubSpot Platform Training

Totally customised to meet your unique requirements.

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How We Deliver Training?

One on One

Because every individual is a unique learner, our trainers approach your unique learning style with a rich and deep, personal learning experience. This can be in person or remote, online via video stream.


One-to-many, our trainer comes to you. This is a personal experience well suited to groups and teams and leveraging presentation and classroom-style apparatus like white boards and screens.

Onsite and or Remote Streaming

One-to-one or one-to-many, trainings take place via video stream at pre-arranged, set times. This is still an immersive experience where you 'feel' you are with your trainer.



$ 1600

  • Marketing Hub Training or
  • CRM and Sales Hub Training
  • 5-8 Week Training program
  • Free HubSpot & Lupo Academy Marketing Certificates and Badges
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  • Customised HubSpot Training
  • Sales, CRM, Marketing or Service Hub
  • 5-8 Week Training program
  • Free HubSpot & Lupo Academy Marketing Certificates and Badges
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Official HubSpot Certified Trainers

Lupo Academy only employ industry leading and official HubSpot Certified Trainers.


Why HubSpot Certified Trainers make all the difference?

Although anyone can enrol in HubSpot's free academy courses, without practical experience, the knowledge only goes so far.

HubSpot Certified Trainers undergo rigorous practical training to authenticate their capability and validating their ability.

Our Certified HubSpot training experts know precisely where and how to seamlessly guide you through the HubSpot ecosystem and learning process, giving you and your team the confidence and ability to achieve your true potential and bottom-line results namely, your next-level of growth.

Based on your course selection and unique requirements, you will be paired with the most suitable Lupo Academy, HubSpot Certified Trainer.

David Simmons
Wisenet Information Systems

While we are mid-stream in our project with Lupo, it is evident that Mike, Glenn and the team have excellent Hubspot product knowledge as well as the marketing 'science' to manage all the moving parts by addressing things holistically and going down to grass-roots detail. Their experience and insights are highly valuable and have highlighted things we would not have thought of ourselves.

Robert Semsarian
Bay Corporate Travel

We've been long-term engaged with Lupo Digital and highly recommend their expertise and services. Mike and Glenn are genuine operators who truly deliver on expectations all the while demystifying the fluf!

Liran Lahav
Q Report Jewellery Insurance

With an extreme passion and dedication to helping you grow your business, Glenn, Mike and the team at Lupo are unquestionably committed to their clients. They are fair, transparent and trustworthy. Extremely prompt and available, nothing was ever too much to ask from the team. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Ian Mirels

The Lupo Digital team are totally committed to their clients, have a "can do" attitude and we really enjoyed working with them. Thanks Mike and Glen for working closely with us, all your support and advice.

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