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Current Roles

Strategic Account Manager

Reporting directly to the company Founders & Directors, this is an internal and external facing role within the HubSpot and related digital ecosystem(s), primarily responsible for managing of all aspects of account-level and production-level requirements, collaboration across:

  • Internal project management software tool (ASANA experience helpful not essential)
  • Involvement with planning and implementation planning
  • Communication with clients 
  • Servicing clients (includes client onboarding, weekly, monthly & quarterly meetings and day to day client services and management)
  • developing, maintaining and growing strong customer relationships
  • Working closely with the internal teams to successfully execute and manage ongoing campaigns on time and as per project management software (ASANA) project and tasks timeline.
  • Management and delegation of clients accounts and respective tasks to relevant team members, including management where necessary 
  • Enabling and using the HubSpot platform for: HubSpot Marketing, Sales and Service Professional plus licenses and the management of clients resources across these areas
  • Oversight of other team members tasks to ensure projects and client accounts track to timelines

HubSpot Technical & Web Developer

Reporting directly to the company Founders & Directors, this is an internal facing role within the Technical and Development team, working together with Lupo's digital, design & creative, tech & development teams with direction from the Digital Account & Customer Service manager and in coordination with the Projects & Accounts Coordinator on a daily basis.

The role work within the HubSpot and related digital ecosystem(s) and the right candidate requires experience including:

  • HubSpot COS development experience
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing and/or COS HubL Design certifications (proof of certification required)
  • An understanding of back-end technologies
  • Effective time management and the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • A personal desire to learn and stay up-to-date with the latest web development trends and best practices
  • HubSpot Marketing, Sales and Service platforms and setup experience 

Expression of Interest

Complete the relevant skills applicable to you and list any others that are important for us to know.

Feel free to attach a resume as well.