Email Marketing Strategies That Over-deliver

Our sophisticated email marketing technology solution engages and converts targeted audiences

Email marketing is still one of the most effective online marketing tactics

  • Email has a large reach and can still generate one of the highest ROIs of any other digital marketing channel
  • Email is highly personalisable and is still one of the most widely used communication channels
  • Email campaign segmentation drives up conversion rates
  • Smart email campaigns will achieve above average conversion rates, especially when optimised with and alongside other channels

The key lies in our advanced technology solution and knowing precisely where within your overall inbound marketing strategy, the email marketing function must sit, who (which buyer persona/s) to target and exactly when (within the customers' buyers journey) to target them, with email marketing.

  • Lupo Digital use email marketing (EDM) alongside its marketing automation technology to create campaigns that have higher open rates, have better click-through rates and increased revenue generating potential than run-of-the-mill email campaigns and software.
  • We utilise smarter email marketing by creating workflows that correspond to where your customers are in their buying cycle (buyer journey). We also collect and analyse data from campaigns and we’re constantly adapting and improving email marketing efforts to yield even more tangible results.
  • Our sophisticated technology ensures email setup is smooth, simple and quick and aligns perfectly with industry best-practice and includes advanced features for example; AB and multivariate testing as built-in features.

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