Bespoke Inbound Digital Audit

Why a Bespoke Inbound Digital Audit?

  • In simple terms a digital audit is a comprehensive audit of a businesses digital footprint.
  • A traditional digital marketing audit is likely to include all digital assets such as the website and connected assets, including SEO, social media, email marketing and paid media channels (Facebook, Google etc). However, there is a fundamental flaw with this approach.
  • A digital audit that does not cater for the inbound methodology is flawed.
  • So what is the difference between a traditional Audit and an inbound digital audit? An inbound digital audit leaves nothing to chance because everything is connected. It reviews inbound marketing and all connected parts including inbound sales and inbound customer service or success.

When is an Inbound digital audit necessary?

To justify a shift to inbound methodology and an inbound digital growth strategy or to expose the weaknesses of a legacy digital strategy and nature of a flat structure of digital assets, or to simply understand the state of your business current digital identity.

What Should a Digital Audit Include?

Content Audit

Content is the backbone to a successful inbound marketing campaign. Our content audit team will identify, categorise and evaluate all your existing content including, for example: your website, email marketing, social media, blog, paid media, and in order to find any gaps in content and to provide key recommendations for quick wins.

Website Audit

Website audits are an essential measure to improve efficiency and visibilityOur website audit will analyse your user engagement and experience, traffic analysis, performance, user experience, mobile responsiveness, conversion capability and functionality, and ascertain your overall site health.

Automation Software Audit

Future-forward digital strategies that include automation systems and processes are not fool proof and often out dated. Our automation specialist ensure that where automation exists, it has been built and will continue to run with ease and seamlessness in mind and is performing the job for which it was intended - to enhance human capability and capacity.

Social Media Audit

With so many digital channels and audiences blaring their content noise it's often difficult to identify where to focus, what's working or not working. The social media component of an audit will empower you to know which areas to focus your resources to get the best results.

Paid Search Audit

 A  paid search audit will explain how your campaign is performing and provide a detailed roadmap to gain higher returns on your ad spend. We'll analyse the data, conversion points and performance, what drives success and provide a list of optimisation opportunities.

SEO Audit

Customers demand accessible, error free, and relevant web experiences. Google increasingly looks at user engagement signals when ranking websites. Having a visible and user-friendly site is the key to online success. We consider industry best-practice and leverage industry leading and better-than-average SEO tools to keep you abreast of future SEO trends (e.g. voice dictations impact on search).


Hint From Team Lupo

" ...content creation can be costly and time consuming. Using or reworking existing content into your inbound strategy will help you save time and money..."

What Is The State Of Your Digital Identity?

Stop guessing how your digital is performing and get the answers!

Get A Bespoke Full Inbound Digital Audit

With so many elements involved in a digital identity, we don't take this likely. We are conscious of budget, need and priority.
So, we start with a conversation about your business to identify if our audit it's timing is right for you and that it's the best value allocation of your budget.

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Free Real-time Website Micro-audit Now

Although your website is just on part of a holistic bespoke digital audit, oftentimes it's one of the most important elements. Here you can find out how your website performs, right now, with this free website grader tool.
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