How web pages have become easier with the drag-and-drop tool

Posted  by Danny Horak  on 3 April 2023

With the increasing popularity of web design and development, more people are starting to learn how to use a drag-and-drop tool.

Drag-and-drop is a powerful tool that web developers have been using for years to ensure web pages are more user-friendly. With drag-and-drop, users can easily add content, media or links to a page by dragging and dropping them onto the page. This is a great way to make pages more dynamic and interactive, and it helps users find what they’re looking for faster.
Drag-and-drop also makes page design more efficient, as it reduces the amount of time needed to create simple pages from scratch. So if you’re a web developer, give drag-and-drop a try – you might be surprised at how easy it is and just how much work it can save you.


How to use the drag-and-drop tool?

Using the drag-and-drop tool is very easy no matter the tool. Here are a few examples using the HubSpot drag-and-drop tool:

In HubSpot you have the ability to add the following elements: Rich Text, Images, Forms, Buttons, Icon's, Video's and a lot more. You basically click on one of these elements and drag it to the workspace on the right.

How to add an image...

How to add Rich Text...


How to add a button...

How to add a video...

You can choose to either embed the video by either adding a URL or the code, otherwise you can select to add a HubSpot video where you would select a video from your HubSpot video files.


In conclusion, the drag-and-drop tool has made it easier for web page designers to create beautiful pages without having to code. This has allowed for more creativity and innovation on the web, and has made it possible for people with no coding experience to easily add text, images, and other elements to your web page and thus creating amazing websites .
This makes creating a web page much simpler and faster. However, it is important to remember that drag-and-drop tools can't do everything. If you want to create a complex web page, you will still need to know some HTML code. But for simple pages, drag-and-drop tools are a great option.
If you're looking to create a website, or are curious about web design, definitely check out the drag-and-drop tool!


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