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How to Shorten Your Nurture Cycle and Convert more Leads

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 12 November 2019

The nurture cycle can often take a lot of time, from the moment a lead  start researching their options to the time they purchase. The quicker you can convert prospective lead, the faster your business will grow.

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Influencer Marketing

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 15 December 2017

As commerce moves moves more and more online, opinion leaders are poised to benefit immensely. The principle of a brand ambassador selling benefits of a particular brand, and people sharing that product experience with their friends and family is not new. It’s now captured in the format of a digital key opinion leader (KOL) acting as a brand ambassador, with digital influencers sharing the product experience with their audience online.

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Your 5 Minute Guide To Social Media Publishing

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 8 August 2017

Marketing has changed, hasn’t it? Many companies find it increasingly difficult to convert leads into clients with traditional marketing techniques. Fortunately, though, social media is proving an increasingly valuable tool for reaching this new breed of consumer.

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