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Lupo Digital Inbound Marketing Series [Part 3]

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 2 April 2019

 The Inbound Marketing Blog Series:

The Elements (Tools and Tactics) of Inbound Marketing [Part 3]

Inbound marketers use a range of resources and tools to work their magic. The following are some of those tools and tactics, integral to a successfulInbound Digital Growth or Marketing Strategy.

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Why You Should Redesign Your Website Every Month with Growth Driven Design

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 31 October 2017

If you’re like most marketers trying to keep your website fresh, you might be redesigning it every 2-4 years, spending $10,000 to $80,000 to launch, and suffering months of agony.

Trying to please all your internal stakeholders, addressing the needs of your target market, writing and re-writing content, approving design revisions - hoping your new website won’t create more problems than it solves.

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6 Quick Wins for A Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 7 July 2017

There are immediate changes you can implement to drive more traffic to your website and increase leads all while you work towards achieving your long-term SEO and brand awareness marketing goals. While you don’t want be misled by vanity metrics, you shouldn’t neglect the fast fixes that can instantaneously improve your marketing. Here are six quick wins to boost your overall digital marketing strategy:

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