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Glenn Miller
An exceptionally experienced digital marketer, proactive and future-forward thought leader, I deliver exceptional customer experiences, industry leading digital strategy and superior marketing results.

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LUPO Launch Exclusive Sales & CRM ANZ HUG Live Event - 9 Dec 2021

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 7 December 2021

Attend the Sales & CRM ANZ HUG

Content on the day

Do more with less, every day. Scale your sales operating system around the path of least resistance. That's what the first Sales & CRM ANZ HUG will introduce to attendees. 

But what does the rest of the series have in store for users?

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HubSpot Announcement - LUPO DIGITAL Named HUG Leader Sales & CRM ANZ

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 2 December 2021


HubSpot has selected Lupo Digital as the Sales &CRM Australia & New Zealand HUG Leader:

Lupo-HubSpot-Sales-CRM-ANZ-HUG Leader

What is a HubSpot User Group (HUG)

The HubSpot User Group (HUG) program was set up by HubSpot to provide users with a unique opportunity to learn from each other and engage in a like-minded community of experts. In over 150+ cities, HubSpot works together with select HubSpot Partners who bring their specific expertise and interests to the table; to host events that benefit the HubSpot user community.
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A Guide to HubSpot Sales Pipeline Active & Inactive Deals Cards

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 23 March 2021


This article is all about HubSpot deal cards in the HubSpot sales pipeline tool, within the HubSpot Sales Hub. There is a prerequisite; assuming you have access to, and have setup your HubSpot deals pipeline in your HubSpot Sales Hub.

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Are there issues with the Hubspot Sales Training Course?

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 7 September 2020


Not making the most out of your company's HubSpot investment? We've determined that where the initial issues lie the most is in the enablement of your team on the HubSpot CRM and Sales Platform Training.

Sometimes taking the initial step to invest in your team with Advanced Hubspot Training leads to phenomenal results...but don't just take our word for it, here are actual client results, and they speak them for themselves.


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