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Glenn Miller
An exceptionally experienced digital marketer, proactive and future-forward thought leader, I deliver exceptional customer experiences, industry leading digital strategy and superior marketing results.

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Lupo Digital Inbound Marketing Series [Part 5]

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 29 April 2019

The Inbound Marketing Blog Series:

Thinking of Going Inbound? [Part 5]

Where to begin? What you need to have in place?

So which of these is you?

  • You’ve heard about 'Inbound' but need more information
  • You know what Inbound is but you’re uncertain where to begin and what are the prerequisites for you to implement?
  • You know what Inbound is and where to begin but you are uncertain what you need to do or how to make it a success for your business?

This article delves in detail and also provides additional resources to guide you towards a solution.

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Lupo Digital Inbound Marketing Series [Part 4]

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 23 April 2019

The Inbound Marketing Blog Series:

Measuring Success In (Inbound) Marketing [Part 4]

Inbound marketing is data-driven. Just about every aspect of inbound can be measured and analysed. Now, with the advent of big data, there’s an even greater drive to measure a myriad of quantifiable variables.

However, to get the most from an inbound campaign, you have to focus on measuring the rights things – metrics that can help identify and fine-tune underperforming assets for greater impact.

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Guide to Ideal Buyer Personas and Creating Yours Blog Series [Part 3]

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 12 April 2019

The 'Ultimate guide to ideal buyer personas and creating yours' Blog series:

This is blog #3 in our Buyer Persona series. If you haven’t already done so, we recommend catching up and reading blogs #1 and #2.

How Context Shapes The Creation Of Your Buyer Personas?

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