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GROW with HubSpot 2019 - A Summary of Event Day

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 7 August 2019

GROW With HubSpot 

HubSpot’s (and indeed the industry's) biggest annual event GROW with HubSpot took place in Sydney yesterday. I say ‘biggest’ because HubSpot is no longer just a Marketing tool or platform but now includes Sales, CRM, Customer Service and Integrations. HubSpot also connects platforms as well for example seeing the launch of the XERO (accounting) <> HubSpot Integration, and more.

In this post (and if you’ve seen similar posts from me before) I try to consolidate the most important bits of the event, for those who missed it. And, I try to give more flavour to those who attended but wanted a perspective from my angle or if they attended different streams at the event. This time I am weaving in the video and pics (excuse poor quality but it makes for an authentic experience) to make it smoother and quicker.

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Streamline Your Marketing With These HubSpot Tools

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 7 July 2019

Your organisation has embraced inbound marketing - you now need an all-in-one platform with tools for marketing, customer acquisition and customer service designed to work together to make you excel. 

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - All you need to know. CRM System Features and Functionality [Part3].

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 18 June 2019

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - All you need to know.
The Blog Series

CRM System Features and Functionality? [Part3]

This blog series explores the world of CRM, Customer Relationship Management.

Now that you understand what is a CRM system and why you would need one, and who uses and needs a CRM system and the right time for a CRM system, we next look at the type of tools and features a CRM system can include. This will help grow your relationship with your customers enabling you to use a digital approach.

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