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3 Steps For Putting Together A Successful Student Nurturing Plan

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 2 May 2017

The inbound marketing methodology is the most effective way to attract prospective students to your RTO. Traditional means of marketing simply aren’t working anymore, and we no longer respond to interruptive, old school marketing techniques.

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Four Things Every RTO Should Avoid When Nurturing Leads

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 10 April 2017

Lead management is an integral part of your RTO’s inbound marketing strategy. It allows you to track interactions with prospects, providing a clear view into when and how they converted. 

Lead management also means you can review what is and isn’t working when it comes to nurturing leads; providing you with a platform to create effective and successful marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, all this can be jeopardised by a few wrong moves.

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Is Your RTO Using Social Media In Your Lead Nurturing Strategy?

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 15 March 2017

In today’s technology-driven world, consumers are unlikely to use just one channel to make buying decisions. In fact, most prospects will switch between email, social media, and various websites and search engines. This provides an awesome opportunity to target your audience over many different channels, but also presents a challenge in keeping all of your channels properly managed.

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