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Discover why using an inbound marketing agency is essential



Digital marketing and today’s evolving technology offer business owners new tools for business survival and growth. If your organisation is a small to medium-sized business, digital marketing tools offer you the best chance for success in a very competitive landscape. Discover how you can grow your business using an inbound marketing agency and all the digital technology they have at their disposal.

Compete on a level playing field

Digital marketing tools and techniques are available to everyone, no matter what your business size. With the right advice and assistance from an inbound marketing agency, your organisation can compete with far larger businesses and access sales and marketing processes that were only previously available to the corporate world.

Integrate all your marketing and sales processes

An inbound marketing agency will assist you with integrating all your marketing and sales processes and communication. This gives your prospects an integrated view of your business and helps you communicate more effectively with your prospects.

By working together, your sales and marketing departments can effectively create relevant personas and communicate with them on a personalised one-to-one level, helping drive them down the sales funnel. Once you’ve closed the deal, your inbound marketing agency will be able to provide you with a detailed analysis, so you can see which communication approaches are working and which need to be refined.

Communicate more cost-effectively

Digital marketing is far more cost-effective than many of the traditional marketing techniques and Hubspot reports that it offers a better cost-per-lead than other marketing channels. 

Segment and nurture your prospects

Your prospects are as different as the products and services they’re interested in, and many are at different points in the sales cycle. It makes sense then, that one marketing message will not resonate with all your personas. The main purpose of lead nurturing is to educate your prospects and provide them with more information about the products and services offered.

Automated digital marketing techniques allow you to segment your prospects and your communication so you can ensure your prospects only see the communication relevant to their needs and interests. Using marketing automation you can segment your lists and send your top-of-funnel leads the introductory content they’re interested in, and you can continue to engage with them until they’re at the bottom of your funnel, when they’re ready to receive more in-depth content.

Increase your conversions

Digital marketing delivers better conversions than other marketing channels. When your marketing and sales channels are integrated, you can create highly personalised content appropriate to each persona. Once your prospects are engaged with this communication, they are far more likely to trust your organisation and see you as a leader in the your space, which will improve your conversions.


Lupo Digital is a sales and marketing growth team that specialises in digital sales, service and inbound marketing, helping organisations with their client engagement and building strong ongoing relationships with their prospects and clients. 

For more information about how inbound marketing works for your organisation, download our executive guide to inbound marketing.

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Glenn Miller

Written by Glenn Miller

An exceptionally experienced digital marketer, proactive and future-forward thought leader, I deliver exceptional customer experiences, industry leading digital strategy and superior marketing results.