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Email Marketing Mistakes That Harm Your Relationship With Prospective customers

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 20 September 2017

According to a study by the Radicati Group, an average of 205 billion emails were sent every single day in 2015 – a number that’s only increased over the last two years. This is a clear indication that your organisation needs a highly effective email marketing strategy to stand out from the massive number of emails your prospective customers inevitably receive on a daily basis. Here are some of the most common email marketing mistakes that can ruin your relationship with prospective customers:

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How To Create An Email Campaign That Doesn’t End Up In The Spam Folder

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 17 August 2017

Email marketing is one of the more effective means of reaching prospective customers. That said, modern email providers such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo have developed sophisticated methods of preventing unwelcome spammers from reaching their users. But does Gmail think you’re one of them? Here are a few tips on how to prevent your mailouts being marked as spam.

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Why You Should Partner With A Digital Agency That Understands The Value Of Email Marketing

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 11 July 2017

It’s difficult to imagine anyone without a business or personal email address. Email has been around since the 70s and remains one of the most powerful and direct channels to reach customers. According to the Raciti Group, there will be more than 3.7 billion global email users by the end of this year.

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