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Lupo Digital Growth Blog

How To Segment Your Existing Vs Prospective Student Database

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 16 February 2017

Many RTOs segment their student database to reach different groups of students with the right messages. Existing students have different needs and challenges compared to prospective students. Even within these two groups, you’ll have smaller groups with varying needs. A single message or campaign will not resonate with all of them. To communicate with all your target markets effectively, you need to implement a segmented communication and marketing strategy.
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5 Ways To Enrol More Students With A Strategic Lead Nurturing Program

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 7 February 2017

Turning your prospects into leads and then into students is a process that requires a considerable amount of nurturing. Your prospects have many options open to them and may be considering courses from numerous educational institutions. To help attract these students, your RTO can adopt a lead nurturing strategy to inform them about your courses and help them find the best one to suit their needs. Use these five practices to help improve your RTO’s lead nurturing program.
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Student prospecting: Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 30 January 2017

Attracting the right people to your Registered Training Organisation’s (RTO’s) website is a critical part of your inbound marketing success. In order to achieve this, you need to have the right buyer personas in place that detail your potential customers’ challenges, goals, likes and dislikes.
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