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Non-Marketing Contacts are going to Reduce your Monthly CRM Fees

Posted  by Gabriel McCarthy  on 7 May 2021


As times change, so does people's needs. It always cost company's big bucks to keep all their contacts in a CRM, regardless of their purpose. HubSpot has recognised this, and has translated this into your CRM's contacts.

As HubSpot knows that out of all those thousands of contacts you pay for per month, only a small percentage of them you'll most likely market too.


So, say hello to...


Marketing VS Non-Marketing Contacts



If you want contacts to stay in your CRM to potentially contact again for 1 on 1 sales communications, but you don't want to send them marketing emails, texts, ads, etc. each month, you can now just mark them off as "non-marketing".

In doing so, this will greatly reduce your monthly cost threshold in keeping them in your CRM, and said contacts will only be reverted to "marketing" contacts again if you do market to them from HubSpot in anyway.


How does it work?


Simply, it just means that you can now segment your contacts you want to market to, and those you just want to have in your CRM but not market digital assets to.

This means, sales teams can continue to add as many non-marketing contacts to the company CRM as they want, without adding to the marketing contacts threshold and costs their company additional contact CRM costs per month. 


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Also, previous marketing contacts can be turned into non-marketing contacts, and visa versa. 

The contacts changed to either effects the billing periodically per month. So if you change several marketing contacts to non-marketing, the following month, they won't be billed as apart of your monthly contacts costs. 


Want to know more?


Contact Lupo to find out if you're eligible to have Marketing VS Old Non-Marketing

contacts in your HubSpot portal.


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Gabriel McCarthy

Written by Gabriel McCarthy

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