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3 Steps For Putting Together A Successful Student Nurturing Plan

When your student nurturing campaign is up and running, make sure to track its results.

The inbound marketing methodology is the most effective way to attract prospective students to your RTO. Traditional means of marketing simply aren’t working anymore, and we no longer respond to interruptive, old school marketing techniques.

In order to attract prospective students and encourage them to enrol with your RTO, you will have to take a customer-centric approach to your marketing strategies. Use inbound marketing to create and distribute relevant content to your prospective students, which can then nurture them into full-time enrollment. To achieve this, your RTO needs to create automated workflows containing information that’s pertinent to each prospect’s stage in the sales funnel.

Here are three easy steps to create a workflow for effective student nurturing:

Define your goals

There are two main goals that you need to set before initiating your student nurturing strategy:

  1. The objective
  2. The goal list

Your objective should state what you want to achieve with the workflow. For example, wanting to increase student enrolment in one of your courses by 20% next year. Having an objective sets a measurable goal to work towards.

The goal list is about how you can achieve your objective. For example, how many prospective students need to show an interest in your course in order to generate enough solid leads. This is how your RTO can determine how many prospects your campaign needs to reach.

Create a multi-touch campaign

Your student nurturing strategy shouldn’t focus solely on one channel. In today’s digitally-driven world, we are connected to myriad devices and channels throughout the day. Ensure that your strategy incorporates the channels that your students are most likely to respond to. Social media, emails, SMS and display campaigns are the most appropriate for your automation workflow.

Identify your leads

Using historical data and metrics, you need to identify which of your prospects are most likely to enrol in your RTO. Identify high-quality leads and focus your marketing campaign on nurturing them down the sales funnel. Wasting time on poor leads will leave you with less time to nurture those that are most likely to convert. Segment your leads to further personalise the campaign and ensure you are sending relevant—and timely—material to your various segmented lists.

When your student nurturing campaign is up and running, make sure to track its results. Intelligent data and metrics allow you to see where your marketing strategy is working, and where it is falling flat. This allows you to change and improve your campaigns to increase your leads and improve your ROI.

Managing leads helps RTOs identify tactics that draw the best results. Our Lead Management guide will walk you through creating a successful nurturing plan. Lupo Digital is an inbound marketing company that creates campaigns for RTOs to assist them with generating leads and improving student enrollment. Download our executive guide to lead management for RTOs.

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Michael Wolf

Written by Michael Wolf

Founder of Lupo Digital, Michael is extremely passionate about digital and inbound marketing. Michael helps organisations drive rapid and sustainable customer and revenue growth.