Are there issues with the Hubspot Sales Training Course?

Is it worth the risk investing in HubSpot Training on top of the Hubspot Certification Course?

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 7 September 2020


Not making the most out of your company's HubSpot investment? We've determined that where the initial issues lie the most is in the enablement of your team on the HubSpot CRM and Sales Platform Training.

Sometimes taking the initial step to invest in your team with Advanced Hubspot Training leads to phenomenal results...but don't just take our word for it, here are actual client results, and they speak them for themselves.



Leading Edge DC | HubSpot Online Sales Training



Leading Edge Data Centre's Paint Points

  • Not getting optimum results from the HubSpot platform
  • Needed to digitally transform our organisation 
  • Small team, and needed automation to help with processes/productivity 
  • Use HubSpot Sales process to close more deals, faster and smarter 
  • Needed to up-skill our team in HubSpot 


Solutions Lupo Training provided for them

  • Sales Team Training
  • Effective Sales Enablement
  • Marketing Team Training
  • Campaign Execution
  • Contact (CRM), Lead Management & Segmentation
  • Ongoing & Up Skilling Team Capability in HubSpot

The Outcome

Lupo Digital's knowledge and experience helped with lighting fast, HubSpot setup and the up-skilling of our Marketing and Sales teams. This was needed to achieve the success on the platform we were after!




What does the investment look like? 


For $1,900 + GST we provide 10 training hours with our five star Certified HubSpot Trainers, to use as you wish across any of your team members and across any area of the HubSpot platform (CRM and Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub). 


These training hours are backed by World Class service and attention to detail, that are on par with any of the best online marketing courses out there!


It also includes a free HubSpot platform audit, and customised training plan. If required, users can be encouraged to attain and formalise their HubSpot certificates.


So just don't sit there in frustration,... GET STARTED today! 


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Written by Glenn Miller

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