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Four Things Every Organisation Should Avoid When Nurturing Leads

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Lead management is an integral part of your organisation's inbound marketing strategy. It allows you to track interactions with prospects, providing a clear view into when and how they converted. 

Lead management also means you can review what is and isn’t working when it comes to nurturing leads; providing you with a platform to create effective and successful marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, all this can be jeopardised by a few wrong moves.

Here are some of the practices that your organisation should avoid when nurturing prospective customers:

1. Interruptive and irrelevant sales tactics

When it comes to lead management, you want to make sure that prospective customers are being engaged at every step of the sales funnel. However, while nurturing leads is imperative for successful lead conversion, you shouldn’t bombard them with material at every opportunity.

Stay clear of cold calling, unsolicited emails, irrelevant content and other interruptive marketing techniques.

2. Throwing all your prospective customers or leads together in one campaign

Advanced data analytics and lead intelligence have made it possible to segment your leads according to their needs and circumstance, as well as where they are in their buyer’s journey. This means you can create tailored, personalised content that’s more likely to nurture them down the sales funnel effectively.

Don’t make the mistake of lumping all your leads into one campaign. Your content will be off the mark, irrelevant and ineffective if it reaches the wrong audience.

3. Email leads every day

While email marketing campaigns are a powerful tool for nurturing leads, their value is diluted if they’re sent out too often - on average the sweet spot for email marketing is around two or three times a month.

Sending too many emails will only result in low click-through and open rates, and a possible increase in un-subscriptions. Don’t saturate your prospects with emails, rather leave them waiting for the next one in anticipation.

4. Lack of communication with the sales team

A lack of communication can be incredibly damaging for any lead nurturing campaign. You need to communicate with your sales team to ensure that they are in tune with the content that prospective customers are receiving.

Nothing will make your efforts more futile than a sales team who isn’t aware of the campaigns you’re running in the first place. It is critical for your sales and marketing teams to be aligned.

Always keep in mind that your prospects aren’t going to register for your services as soon as they become a lead. You need to employ a well-thought-out, effective lead nurturing strategy to help guide them down the sales funnel. Avoiding the bad practices mentioned above is just one way to do just that.


Lupo Digital is a sales and marketing growth team that specialises in digital sales, service and  inbound marketing, helping organisations with their client engagement and building strong ongoing relationships with their prospects and clients. 

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Michael Wolf

Written by Michael Wolf

Founder of Lupo Digital, Michael is extremely passionate about digital and inbound marketing. Michael helps organisations drive rapid and sustainable customer and revenue growth.