HubSpot Announcement - LUPO DIGITAL Named HUG Leader Sales & CRM ANZ

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 2 December 2021


HubSpot has selected Lupo Digital as the Sales &CRM Australia & New Zealand HUG Leader:

Lupo-HubSpot-Sales-CRM-ANZ-HUG Leader

What is a HubSpot User Group (HUG)

The HubSpot User Group (HUG) program was set up by HubSpot to provide users with a unique opportunity to learn from each other and engage in a like-minded community of experts. In over 150+ cities, HubSpot works together with select HubSpot Partners who bring their specific expertise and interests to the table; to host events that benefit the HubSpot user community.

Who can become a member of a HubSpot User Group(HUG) and attend a HUG Event?

All you need to attend a HUG event (virtual or in-person) is a HubSpot user login.
That's right, any HubSpot user (free or paid license holder, that’s right, a free or paid license holder- we do not discriminate) can attend a HUG.


Why attend a HubSpot User Group(HUG)?

HUGs are tailored to HubSpot users interested in advancing their HubSpot skills, solving their HubSpot problems, expanding their knowledge and depth of the platform and maybe making some friends along the way. So whether you're looking to connect by location, skill, industry, or interest - there's something in every HUG for you!


What is the format of a HubSpot User Group (HUG)

It is up to each global HUG leader to arrange the format of each HUG session or event. Still, these can typically feature a variety of guest speakers or entertainment or jump directly into the learnings, with real live demos, user case studies or live testimonials; some HUGs include famous speakers or celebrities local or self-made (hello TikTok) but all usually leave you walking away with a long list of latest tech talk, immediate value and learnings and benefitting from other users at every stage.


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What type of HubSpot User Groups (HUGs) are there?

HubSpot currently operates both in-person and 100% virtual HUG events through Check it out for over 150 location and topic-based user groups all over the world.

When HUGs commenced, they were quite broad and mostly covered the vast expanses of all the HubSpot Hubs and platforms; Sales, Marketing, Service, Ops Hub and CMS.
More recently HUGs have turned a little more specialised, for example, the Lupo Digital-lead Sales & CRM ANZ HUG, purely aligned to Sales & CRM and related HubSpot users and obviously targeting a Sales and CRM specific user over more generalist marketing, website CMS and service areas.


Why Lupo Digital for Sales & CRM ANZ HubSpot User Group(HUG)?

We identified a gap in the local HUG calendar, exclusively accommodating exclusively CRM, sales, sales enablement, CRM and sales professionals, leaders and reps, So we applied to HubSpot for a dedicated Sales & CRM virtual HUG across Australia and New Zealand(ANZ).


Why is the Sales & CRM ANZ HubSpot User Group(HUG) a virtual HUG versus an in-person live event?

Given the impact of Covid-19 globally destroying the hospitality and physical events industry, HubSpot and its Partners quickly flipped into gear with the alternative virtual option over live events and usually delivered over zoom or zoom-equivalent platforms.


How long do HUG events typically last?

Each HUG event (in-person or virtual) vary in length anywhere from 30 minutes upwards of 2 hours.

To provide maximum value and the least downtime from work, the Virtual Sales & CRM ANZ HUG led by Lupo Digital is set for around 30 minutes per session.


What can you expect to gain from a HubSpot User Group(HUG)?

Every HUG event delivers maximum value. Not only because it's free but on the contrary...
What is your time worth to you?

Let's shift the focus from generalist to purest.

Most HUGs cater to a vast range of potential topics you ‘could’ benefit from or ‘may’ be interested in. Still, if you touch sales or wish to get closer or better understand Sales and sales automation, management and reporting, then this Sales & CRM ANZ HUG is perfect for you.

If you need to learn more about Sales or if you are in Sales to know how to sell better, smarter, faster (let’s be honest who on the planet does not want this?), then you WILL GAIN from this HUG.


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