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Is it Worth Investing in Customised Advanced Hubspot Training?


It is more than likely that if you're reading this, then you've also completed one or more of HubSpot's Academy Lessons, Courses or Certificates.

Whilst HubSpot's academy is an exceptional resource (as we discussed in Part 2 of this blogs series), covering the theoretical background of the tools and the theoretical application in practice of your HubSpot CRM and Sales Platform Training, it does miss out the actual practical application, itself, and such practice can only come from experience.


For students at school or university, 'this system' may work well but in business, it is different story altogether.


Today, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service business professionals face massive pressure to produce results in their jobs. With a modern tech stack in their hands, their digital tools like HubSpot, lead to complicating matters for them, if they're new to HubSpot or not totally across the little details and nuances presented by the platform. The littlest of things become the largest things, when the pressure mounts up, gets more intense and ultimately explodes, at which point they either jump ship and walk off the job or, point the blame somewhere else, because they couldn't realise a result with their given tool set.


People need to deliver results from their skill by leveraging tools like HubSpot to augment a superior outcome IE in less time, faster and with a better results. These are the demands of business today, in order to meet and deliver company goals, results and objectives.


A good trainers job is to understand their learners needs and best style of learning, in order to open a door for information and experience flow, as quick and efficiently as possible, thereby enabling the trainee to meet the maximum performance on the platform. 


With any training based upon proprietary software, there are 'Trainers' that know enough to get by and 'wing' it, and then there are 'Official, Certified Trainers'. The best example to reinforce the point might be a woman who assist with childbirth that is not a qualified Midwife or Nurse, nor has any experience birthing a child of their own. Does this make for an inferior child? No. Does this make the woman a bad person or incapable of assisting with Child birth? No. It does present complications and potential risk, not knowing how to provide necessary comfort or a smoother birth process...hopefully you 'get' the point here. A qualified Midwife is a not a better person but they will know in advance what concerns to have in mind, what potentials complications to look out for and therefor how to mitigate and minimise risk.


This is not the forum to entertain the debate and this blog makes no judgement regards this philosophical conundrum but hopefully it reinforces the value-add in practical experience, the hours spent 'mastering' the field, and the advanced and intrinsic benefits to the function, itself.


Next let's explore taking this concept to the 'next-level'.


Why HubSpot Certified Trainers make all the difference?

Although anyone can enrol in HubSpot's free academy courses, without practical experience, the knowledge only goes so far. HubSpot Certified Trainers undergo rigorous practical training and exercises to authenticate their capability and validating their ability.





In addition, Lupo Digital are a 'Growth-Suite' Hubspot Platform Platinum Partners which means their official certified HubSpot trainers are practical experts with practical work experience across all of the HubSpot platforms and tools across Sales, CRM, Marketing and Customer Service. They have practical hands on experience dealing with Sales teams and the tools and approach they undertake, daily on the tools, with Marketing campaigns and execution of their relative digital channel requirements through the HubSpot Marketing tools as well as Customer Service tools across customer success teams. Their experience is worth far more than any training hour, alone.


Officially Certified HubSpot Training experts know precisely where and how to seamlessly guide a trainee through the HubSpot ecosystem and learning process, giving the trainee the confidence and ability to achieve their maximum and true potential and bottom-line results. 


Sometimes taking the initial step to invest in HubSpot education is the hardest part but once it's made, it will lead to phenomenal results...but don't take our word for it, here are actual client results, and they speak them for themselves.


CWC |Engaging Certified HubSpot Training Experts


Paint Points

  • Steady Growth for 20+ Years with little digital evolution 
  • Needing to review the entire company sales processes 
  • Update and Management of the CRM 


Solutions by Lupo


Lupo Digital became a Key Growth Partner to Convergent Water Controls (CWC), and continue to develop and manage their marketing campaigns and sales training to platform alignment. Lupo have proven a measurable and tangible ROI for CWC. 




What does the investment look like? 


For $1,900 + GST we provide 10 training hours with our five star Certified HubSpot Trainers, to use as you wish across any of your team members and across any area of the HubSpot platform (CRM and Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub). 


These training hours are backed by World Class service and attention to detail, that are on par with any of the best online marketing courses out there!


It also includes a free HubSpot platform audit, and customised training plan. If required, users can be encouraged to attain and formalise their HubSpot certificates.


So just don't sit there in frustration - GET STARTED today! 


Glenn Miller

Written by Glenn Miller

An exceptionally experienced digital marketer, proactive and future-forward thought leader, I deliver exceptional customer experiences, industry leading digital strategy and superior marketing results.