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Is Your RTO Using Social Media In Your Lead Nurturing Strategy?

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In today’s technology-driven world, consumers are unlikely to use just one channel to make buying decisions. In fact, most prospects will switch between email, social media, and various websites and search engines. This provides an awesome opportunity to target your audience over many different channels, but also presents a challenge in keeping all of your channels properly managed.

Social media usage is continually growing, and studies have found that social media following and brand support is inextricably linked. According to these stats from Adweek, a whopping 67% of people are more likely to buy from a brand that they follow on Twitter and almost 79% of these same people are more likely to recommend these same brands.  

So, if you aren’t using social media as part of your RTO’s lead nurturing strategy, then you are seriously falling behind.

Here’s how social media can help your rto nurture leads and improve conversion rates:

Behavioural data

The data that you get from social media gives you an insight into the behaviour and habits of your current and prospective students. You can see when they are more likely to engage with a post on social media, what time of day they are on different channels, how likely they are to open emails and what kind of post they are responding to.

Through listening, tracking, and active engagement, you can gather data that will help you to understand your audience and make smarter business decisions for your lead nurturing strategy.

Create relevant and targeted data

All the data that you have collected through active engagement, social listening, and observation, empowers you to create content that is most likely to nurture prospects down the sales funnel.

You can create relevant content that your audience will respond to and you can send targeted content when you know that your prospects are most likely to engage with it. This blog explains the best lead generation software that your RTO should use to gather data from social media and create a great lead nurturing strategy.

Hear what your current and prospective students are saying about you

The great thing about social media is that it allows a two-way communication between you and your clients. This means that you can respond to complaints or compliments, keep track of what people are saying about you (and your competitors), and adjust your lead nurturing campaign according to the information that you are gathering.

As you can see – social media offers a massive opportunity for you to reach your audience through relevant and targeted content that is more likely to result in a successful lead nurturing strategy.

Lupo Digital is an inbound marketing agency that specialises in inbound marketing for RTOs, helping them with their student engagement and building strong ongoing relationships with their prospects and students. We have a passionate, experienced team dedicated to bringing all the benefits of inbound marketing to RTOs. For more information about how inbound marketing works for RTOs, download our executive lead management guide for RTOs.

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Michael Wolf

Written by Michael Wolf

Founder of Lupo Digital, Michael is extremely passionate about digital and inbound marketing. Michael helps organisations drive rapid and sustainable customer and revenue growth.