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Eight Reasons Why Your Organisation Can Benefit from Lead Nurturing

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More and more companies are using a lead nurturing strategy to successfully generate more leads and sales. Lead nurturing can play an essential role enabling companies to inform, educate and build a solid relationship with middle of the funnel leads or even lost leads and push them towards the bottom of the funnel and conversion. According to MarketingSherpa 79% of leads never convert into sales and lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance.

  1.  Establish your organisation as an education expert

Students are far more likely to trust an organisation that shows it has its finger on the pulse of all that is happening in the education sector. Once someone has visited your website and you have their email address, you can start establishing a position of trust and leadership with them by sending them up-to-date information on the latest courses and training available.

  1.  Increase sales opportunities

Forrester Research reports that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. Lead nurturing enables you to use targeted content to strategically engage your students at different parts of the sales funnel. When they receive content that shows your organisation understands their needs and challenges, they are far more likely to be receptive to engagement with your sales team.

  1.  Improve email open rates

By segmenting your email lists and sending your leads content that answers their needs and engages them, you’re far more likely to increase your open rates and your click-throughs. MarketingSherpa reports that segmented emails get 50% more clicks than ones that are not segmented.

  1.  Maintain engagement

Automated lead nurturing is a great way to maintain engagement when a lead has already reached out to make contact with you. If that student stops visiting your sites then your lead nurturing tips will help remind them of your business. Once you have set up your automated system, your emails will be sent out automatically as your new leads come in. These emails will do your nurturing for you, helping to qualify your leads and push them down the sales funnel faster.

  1.  Stay top of mind

The major advantage of lead nurturing is that it helps you build relationships and establish your organisation as a thought leader in the education sector. People are far more likely to engage with businesses they trust and whose opinion they value. Lead nurturing also enables you to maintain consistent communication with your leads. According to Hubspot, 66% of buyers indicate that “consistent and relevant communication” provided by companies is the key factor when choosing a solution provider.

  1.  Learn about your leads

You can use your lead nurturing emails to learn more about the leads in order to discover the courses they’re interested in, what challenges they are facing, whether they need tuition assistance and more. By tailoring your questions and your content you can identify what’s important to your leads, enabling you to qualify your leads and establish warmer sales conversations.

  1.  Find cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

Lead nurturing allows you to increase your students’ awareness of the courses that are available. Once you know what they are interested, you can tailor your content to provide them with opportunities for further learning.

  1.  Encourage new leads and referrals

If you’re doing a great job of creating content your leads are really interested in, they are more likely to share your emails with fellow students who they know to be actively interested in the same information. This will expand your reach and attract new leads to your organisation.

Lead nurturing – an essential part of inbound marketing

Lupo Digital is an inbound marketing agency that specialises in lead nurturing.  We focus on creating quality content that attracts leads towards your organisation with personalised lead nurturing campaigns appropriate to every student’s stage in the admission cycle.  

For more information about how inbound can work for your organisation, download our executive guide to inbound marketing.

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Michael Wolf

Written by Michael Wolf

Founder of Lupo Digital, Michael is extremely passionate about digital and inbound marketing. Michael helps organisations drive rapid and sustainable customer and revenue growth.