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LUPO Launch Exclusive Sales & CRM ANZ HUG Live Event - 9 Dec 2021

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Do more with less, every day. Scale your sales operating system around the path of least resistance. That's what the first Sales & CRM ANZ HUG will introduce to attendees. 

But what does the rest of the series have in store for users?

Three-part series over in the months ahead:

Session 1 - Know your deals

This session will cover the basics of pipeline setup, the probability to close, CRM custom properties, forecasting tools, and reverse engineering your sales numbers. We'll discuss what you can learn from each of these areas to help you make better decisions for your company. The first section will focus on the importance of knowing your deals. This means knowing your pipeline setup, your probability to close, and knowing your CRM custom properties. Some of the data that you can track is the company's historical sales numbers to help you forecast the probability of closing a deal. With these three pieces of data, you can create a forecast that will help you predict sales for your company.


  • Pipeline setup and probability to close
  • Reverse engineering your Sales #'s, CRM and Custom properties
  • Forecasting tools

Session 2 - Organisation is key


In this session, we will go over the tools that will help you organise your tasks. You can view your tasks in various ways but the 'Due Today' view is perfect for keeping track of your responsibilities. After a discussion about these topics, we will move to how sequences work and how they can help your workflow.


  • Tasks tool and queue (views)
  • The 'Today view'
  • Sequences

Session 3 - Tracking and reporting basics


In this session, we will focus on some of the basics of tracking and reporting. Track your metrics! Tracking is important because it will let you know what is going on as well as let you know where you need to improve. When it comes to tracking, there are some common metrics that you should be using at a manager or rep level.


  • X metrics every salesperson must have on their first dashboard
  • manager-level
  • rep-level

Prerequisite to attend

Arrive knowing your sales process, who on your team operates at each stage, and how you qualify leads?

Unsure? not to worry, together we’ll show you how to map your process, quality leads for best fit and much more...

Since this is a virtual (online only) HubSpot User Group, membership to the group is unlimited. Still, each HUG event may only be limited to 50 places to provide better learning outcomes or experience for every user and ensure interactivity from audience input and participation.
Please register to attend and commit to showing up rather than just awaiting a video recording.

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