Marketing your business in time of COVID19 [Part 3]

Why the Coronavirus is making us think Outside the Box more now as business owners... 

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 8 May 2020

As we discussed in part one of this 3 part series of blogs, maybe competition has slacked off, or just slowed... From what we looked at in the previous blog discussion, this is your "get to" time!

With people spending more time at home and an increasing pressure on business to continue, this is your moment to shine and define your unique selling proposition(s).



Pause for a moment and ask yourself... Have you chosen the best branding for your business? Does your brand reflect your business ethos?

If you developed your brand strategy, you would understand your brand, your customers, your competitors and your unique selling proposition. So then you would understand how brand elements help to define your brand, it’s time to work with a strategy team and designer to develop the creative elements that will give life to your brand identity.

Creative elements are the look, feel, and voice of your brand. You’ll need to communicate them consistently and clearly across all marketing channels, and it’s extremely important to get them right. If you're not doing this - then ask, why?

But brand identities aren't made over night, they come from years of discovery, and can evolve based on your company culture. If you are all about the environment, stick to this strategy. How is the company culture and code - does it need change? What about alternative revenue streams? Can you sell online products? Can you productise services or host live-streaming shows “how to..?"


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Maybe there are events you could host in the future that your customers can buy tickets for now, and you could fill their anticipation with live streams and webinars. Could you even charge for these kinds of events, and could you offer some sort of subscription model with low barriers and costs?

Speaking of costs, have you exhausted all cost efficiencies? Have you stopped all unnecessary or non-essential spend? Whatever it is that you will be pursuing over the course of the outbreak, let us assure you that you are not alone.


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Lupo Digital is dedicated to encouraging residents to buy from local business and businesses to support one another, to revitalise community spirit and bring money into our ecosystems.

We mentioned this at the beginning of the pandemic, and we're still saying it! 



Our marketing team is at your fingertips should you need help with the promotion of your business, too. Our Sales team is here to help up-skill and train yours through the new digital mediums on video conferencing or technology, and to position you to 'smash' it when the turn comes. We hope you, your family and staff are healthy and safe during this crisis and when this ends.


We are here with you, by your side to support and assist at every turn.



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