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The Hubspot Academy Inbound Certification Course Online has problems?


You may feel like the company's HubSpot investment is not being realised and we've determined where the initial issue lies; enabling your team on the Hubspot platform. 

The HubSpot Academy is a phenomenal resource for businesses on the HubSpot platform and their teams across the Marketing and Customer Service functions who either need:

Practical and hands-on experience, bridges the gap between HubSpot Academy and real business outcomes... 

  • To learn HubSpot and everything 'Inbound' 
  • Up-Skill on their digital sales, marketing and customer service knowledge and best practice
  • Learn about the tools or the more advanced tools on the platform

A common issues however, after users move through Hubspot's amazing Academy is the practical application that no education system can provide OR learning quickly the outer boundaries of the tools and where and how those boundaries need to guide people in 'getting the job done'.


This is where hands on and practical, customised, short, sharp and direct training, adds massive value, in a fraction of time and at a fraction of the cost of the team having to 'learn the hard way' on company time with a trail of mistakes or shortcomings, left behind them. 


Sometimes taking the initial step to invest in your team leads to phenomenal results...but don't just take our word for it, here are actual client results, that speak them for themselves...


Cirrus8 | HubSpot Online Marketing Courses


Cirrus8's Paint Points before Lupo Digital Training

  • Old CRM was clunky and outdated 
  • Too much manual input and needed to transform our business via automation 
  • Sales team needed to track enquiries better and follow leads easier 
  • We needed help making our platform work with our marketing efforts 


Solutions provided by Lupo Digital

  • Lupo Digital just got us and customised a solution just for us
  • Built and finessed our Inbound Marketing Strategy 
  • Shaped our HubSpot platform to work with with our Sales & Marketing 
  • The solutions proposed were delivered quickly, and showed an ROI 


The Outcome

Lupo Digital helped us get the most out of our HubSpot investment, and over delivered on value from our very tight budget. Our team now can track all enquiries, Sales can follow up and track leads easier, and our marketing efforts now flow effortlessly through our bespoke HubSpot platform. 



What does the road ahead look like?

The question begs: Are you getting the results you are aspiring to achieve?




What does the investment look like? 


For $1,900 + GST we provide 10 training hours with our five star Certified HubSpot Trainers, to use as you wish across any of your team members and across any area of the HubSpot platform (CRM and Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub). 


These training hours are backed by World Class service and attention to detail, leading the way and on par globally, when it comes to online courses and delivery!


It also includes a free HubSpot platform audit, and customised training plan. If required, users can be encouraged to attain and formalise their HubSpot certificates.


So just don't sit there in frustration,... GET STARTED today! 

Glenn Miller

Written by Glenn Miller

An exceptionally experienced digital marketer, proactive and future-forward thought leader, I deliver exceptional customer experiences, industry leading digital strategy and superior marketing results.