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HubSpot July 2024 Product Feature Update: What’s New and Exciting

Posted  by Maai C.  on 10 July 2024

This month, we're excited to highlight the latest tools and updates that are transforming the way you manage marketing, sales, and customer service. These enhancements are designed to streamline your workflows, boost efficiency, and ultimately drive better results for your business. Lupo's Choice Here are our top 10 picks for July 2024. 1. AI Landing Page Builder (Pro/Enterprise ONLY) - [Private Beta] What is it? The AI Landing Page Builder revolutionises the way marketers create landing pages. This tool leverages AI to generate high-quality landing pages in seconds, freeing up time for marketers to focus on converting leads and maximising ROI. With AI-generated copy, images, automated forms, and meeting links, you can cut down creation time from weeks to seconds. Plus, it ensures consistency by adhering to your brand guidelines. 2. Billing for Subscriptions - [Private Beta] What is it? Automate your subscription management and recurring billing directly from the CRM. Commerce Hub customers can now use subscriptions to automatically create and send recurring invoices to buyers, simplifying the billing process and ensuring timely payments. 3. Figma Design Kit for UI Extensions - [Private Beta] What is it? The Figma design kit for UI extensions provides developers and designers with a comprehensive view of all UI components and their variants in one place. This serves as the visual source of truth for documentation, enhancing collaboration and design consistency. 4. Developer Permission Set - [Private Beta] What is it? A new permission toggle allows admins to finely tune access for developers to CRM development tools such as projects, private apps, sandboxes, and personal access keys. This ensures that developers have the necessary permissions to innovate while maintaining security and control. 5. Create Datetime Properties in HubSpot - [Private Beta] What is it? Now you can create custom Date Time properties in HubSpot’s CRM, expanding the types of data you can store. This feature provides greater flexibility in managing and analysing time-specific information. 6. Configure Activity Association Defaults - [Private Beta] What is it? Admins can now configure default activity association logic for logging activities on various records like contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and custom objects. This new settings UI allows you to set default logging rules based on activity origin, type, and associated records. 7. New Workflow Actions for Associations - [Public Beta] What is it? Admins can automate parts of the association management process through workflows. Use new association actions within workflows to apply, update, or remove association labels and create new associations based on matching property values. Learn More:
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