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Lead Nurturing Best Practices

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 4 October 2019

Most organisations now understand that lead nurturing is an integral part of any marketing strategy; it needs to be planned and executed in order to generate the best results. Here are some of the best practices your organisation should follow in their lead nurturing campaigns:
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How Many Digital Marketing Channels is Your Organisation Using?

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 15 September 2019

Is it the number of likes your page has? Is it your post engagement? Or perhaps it’s how many leads you’ve managed to close since you started marketing digitally? When it comes to inbound marketing, defining success and proving the value of their efforts is a challenge for many digital marketers. It’s not surprising that the idea of incorporating more channels into the mix can be daunting. So here's a dip into our Sales & Marketing Alignment Guide...
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