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How to Optimise Your Website Content for Better User Experience

Posted  by Mark Adviento  on 12 October 2022

Ensuring a great website user experience is vital for businesses of all sizes. Studies have shown that websites with poor user experiences are 50% more likely to lose customers within the first 6 months and 100% more likely to lose customers within 12 months. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips on improving your website’s user experience from design to implementation.

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LUPO Launch Exclusive Sales & CRM ANZ HUG Live Event - 9 Dec 2021

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 7 December 2021

Attend the Sales & CRM ANZ HUG

Content on the day

Do more with less, every day. Scale your sales operating system around the path of least resistance. That's what the first Sales & CRM ANZ HUG will introduce to attendees. 

But what does the rest of the series have in store for users?

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HubSpot Announcement - LUPO DIGITAL Named HUG Leader Sales & CRM ANZ

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 2 December 2021


HubSpot has selected Lupo Digital as the Sales &CRM Australia & New Zealand HUG Leader:

Lupo-HubSpot-Sales-CRM-ANZ-HUG Leader

What is a HubSpot User Group (HUG)

The HubSpot User Group (HUG) program was set up by HubSpot to provide users with a unique opportunity to learn from each other and engage in a like-minded community of experts. In over 150+ cities, HubSpot works together with select HubSpot Partners who bring their specific expertise and interests to the table; to host events that benefit the HubSpot user community.
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The Hubspot Operations Hub Learning Series | PART 4

Posted  by Gabriel McCarthy  on 28 July 2021


Operations Hub is the newest product line from HubSpot that connects your apps, syncs and truly cleans your customer data, as well as automating your business processes. It connects your company around a single source of truth and frees your operations teams from the usual reactive busywork.

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