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Customer Relationship Management (CRM). All you need to know. What is CRM and Why we need CRM systems? [Part1]

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 3 June 2019

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - All you need to know.
The Blog Series

What is CRM and Why we need CRM systems? [Part1]

This blog series explores the world of CRM, Customer Relationship Management.

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Why Spamming Has No Place in Inbound Marketing

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 18 May 2019


Email marketing plays a crucial role in both lead generation and lead nurturing for Organisations. Much of this is achieved through inbound marketing tactics like automated workflows, which rely on carefully segmented lists to ensure that their messages are as clickable as possible. But just having someone’s email address doesn’t give you the right to spam them. It’s important to bear in mind that any email sent to an end user who has specified they don’t want to receive it is considered as spam.

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How A Fractional CMO or CGO Can Benefit Your Organisation's Inbound Marketing Strategy

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 5 May 2019

If your organisation is expanding, hiring new employees, rebranding, or rehashing an ineffective inbound marketing strategy, then you have likely looked into hiring a Chief Marketing or Chief Growth Officer (CMO or CGO). A CMO or CGO can plan, optimise and execute an effective marketing campaign for your organisation. However, full-time CMOs or CGO's also require premium salaries, which isn’t always in the budget.

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