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Delight your customers with HubSpot's new Service Hub

Posted  by Glenn Miller  on 4 June 2018

Most SaaS platforms aim to deliver a best-of-breed experience within their niche or vertical. They however discover real problems when they begin expanding their offering or bolting on additional services or functions over time - very few platforms master the art of offering multiple benefits across multiple functions.

Earlier in May, HubSpot Launched it's new Service Hub. Lupo Digital have been testing out the new features and functionality and we are proud to say: "HubSpot rocks! " CRM, Sales, Marketing and now Service Hub, at their core are platforms within themselves that offer best-of-breed features and functionality as well as coming together to produce a truly remarkable turn-key customer solution and experience.

Truly exceptional customer service takes more than delivering a package or service on time. It takes tending to a customer’s every want and need, providing a seamless, meaningful experience throughout their entire purchasing journey. Your company can easily be up to the task with help from HubSpot’s Service Hub.

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Why Every RTO Sales Team Should Fit Warm Calls Into Their Lead Nurturing Strategy

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 24 February 2017

In today’s competitive marketplace, RTOs need a lead nurturing strategy that takes them beyond the limits of email. Only a small percentage of your inbound leads will ever be ready to sign up for a course immediately. As such, it’s important that you have powerful marketing automation platforms to execute multi-channel lead nurturing strategies.

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Smarketing: Is Your Marketing Team Passing The Right Information To Sales?

Posted  by Michael Wolf  on 9 January 2017

If your Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is going to run a successful inbound marketing campaign, your sales and marketing team need to work closely together. Marketing needs to ensure that you have student prospects lined up ready to convert and your sales team should convert these leads efficiently into customers.

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